Technical - Effective Cleanout Drill

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  • On the coaches call runs through the gate and cleans-out the hit shields.
  • At the same time re-align ready for second phase attack.
  • 9 passes the ball from last hit shield to the attacking line.
  • Defends against the attacking line.
  • Once the attackers have engaged into contact against the defenders
gif\" /> folds around and re-aligns ready for the third phase.

Consider the following diagram (click on it for a larger view):



  • Instead of having hit shields have players in tackle suits so players can perform a live tackle situation.
  • Have the attacking line perform all their attacking options off phase play.

Coaching Points:

  • Runs through the gate and engages into contact parallel to the sideline. Very important that the head is up, body position is low(bend at the knees - squat) and the players lead in with their shoulders and not their hands.
  • Important for the attackers to have good running lines - run straight, pass across the body, keep good depth and communicate.
  • Defenders must practice their teams defensive system e.g. Drift, rush, man-on, man-out.
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