University of Queensland Rugby Academy Leads Coach Development Session

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Hartford, CT, October 18, 2006 -- The University of Queensland (UQ)
Rugby Academy, on a coaching tour of the USA, made its first stop in
Hartford, Connecticut this past Sunday to conduct a Coach Development
session, hosted by Trinity College.

Academy Director Nick Leah led a full-day session for high school,
college, and club coaches from Connecticut, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

The sessions ranged from topics in skill acquisition to the latest in
technical areas.

\"The sessions were highly informative, and really opened our eyes to the
sports science side of things,\" said Dan Dionne, Head Coach of the
Hartford Wanderers RFC. \"Some of the new techniques and coaching
methods we learned will definitely enable us to bring our players up to
speed with some of the things that the top teams are doing.\"

The Academy now travels to the West Coast for another Coach Development
clinic at Stanford University Oct. 21-22, and a player skills camp at
Arizona State University, November 3-4.

For further information, please visit the UQ Rugby Academy Website

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