UCRs Kent Currie talks to Mary Pezzulo of Syracuse University

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Mary Pezzulo

Syracuse University Women's Rugby Team Captain

Kent's series of profiling current key players in College Rugby continues. This time he crosses the gender divide for the first time and catches up with Mary Pezzulo, Captain of Syracuse University Women's.

Kent Currie: How long have you been playing rugby?
Mary Pezzulo: 5 years

KC: What influenced you to start playing rugby?
MP: One of my best friends from high school convinced me to
play with her in college.

KC: What are the best things about playing rugby?
MP: The intensity.

..there is absolutely nothing like it. And of course the camaraderie that you can not find in any other sport.

KC: Do you think you will continue playing rugby once you have finished college?
MP: Absolutely...I will play until I'm in a wheelchair, and then hopefully coach, or play murderball.

KC: Who have been the biggest influences in your career?
MP: "Lil Jim" and Jaime "Rock" Groff from Fredonia State. They were the first forwards coaches I ever had who taught me all the fundamentals of playing in the pack, most importantly how to be a real leader to the rest of my team mates. Also, my captain Kim Cooney from Syracuse, a forward stuck in a fly half's body who threatened everyones life everytime there was a knock-on. It really worked!

KC: What's your opinion on the state of American rugby?
MP: I think it's still not as recognized as it should be, but is definitely growing in popularity.

KC: Would you like t represent the USA Eagles at any stage?
MP: I would love to.

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