UCR's Kent Currie talks to Paul Huelskamp of Dartmouth

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Paul Huelskamp has been in wonderful form this season. He has been in prolific try scoring form in the last couple of weeks and Kent Currie caught up with Dartmouth's top try scorer.

Kent Currie: Thank you for your time Paul

Paul Huelskamp: It's my pleasure

KC: How long have you been playing rugby?

PH: The first time I ever played rugby was last fall. However, I've had a reoccurring dream since I was a small child in which I'm performing the Haka with the New Zealand All Blacks. It's pretty much my destiny.

KC: What influenced you to start playing rugby?

PH: I first started playing rugby to win a bet with former teammate Joe Killefer. I bet him I was a superior athlete and that I could dominate him in Rugby. I lost. Badly.

KC: What are the best things about playing rugby?

PH: Hitting wings that are smaller than me when they're not looking. Taking a pass on the two meter line from my inside center Aziz Sayigh and scoring a try, after he juked 5 people and ran almost the entire length of the field before passing to me.

Seeing our trainer Lauren pre-practice to get taped. Being able to wear my sweet old school rugby jerseys around campus. Oh, and don't forget ST and FB.

KC: Do you think you will continue playing rugby once you have finished college?

PH: I hope so. I'll try and find a club team to play for in the area that I end up working in after college. Otherwise I might take a medical red shirt and come back for another year at Dartmouth. Playing for the DRFC is worth the 45 G's.

KC: Who have been the biggest influences in your career?

PH: Obviously my coach at Dartmouth, Alexander Magleby, has been the biggest influence in my career. He's helped me improve my foot skills, my dynamicness, and my unwavering way with the ladies. Joe Killefer, Jesse Blom, and Paul Heintz are close seconds. Oh, and lets not forget Lawrence De'lalio, the Captain of the England national team. We're close friends and off-season training partners.

KC: What's your opinion on the state of American rugby?

PH: I think American rugby might be the second fastest growing sport in the country, just behind Lacrosse (pre-Duke scandal). I think there are a lot of smart, passionate people that obviously care about our sports future, starting all the way down at the high school level. Dartmouth hosted the High school National Championships last spring at the beautiful Corey Ford Rugby Complex, and I was really impressed at the quality of play. I think rugby has a bright future in this country.

KC: Would you like to represent the USA Eagles at any stage?

PH: I think a part of me will always want to play professionally. It's just a matter of where I'm at in my life when that time comes. I'm going through corporate recruiting right now, and the way things are going, a tryout with the Eagles might be a great option. But, I know if I end up in a corporate office somewhere and take just a few months off from physical activity, I'm going to gain 50 lbs of flab and drop a few tenths off my forty. If that happens, playing for the Eagles is pretty much out of the question. Unless, of course, if I switch to prop. But we all know backs get the glory and forwards get the blame, and that's not how I roll.

KC: Good luck for the rest of your rugby career, Paul

PH: Thanks Kent

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