Triton Men’s Rugby Swept By Arizona In Long Weekend

This article was written by Joel Roman

The UCSD Men's Rugby team played two games this weekend: against Arizona State on Friday and against University of Arizona on Sunday.

UCSD matched Arizona well for most of the game. "I thought it was the best performance from the tight 5 this season," said coach Brian Kennedy, "they weren't getting anything from us at the fringe." But, Arizona was able to capitalize on the few defensive lapses that UCSD had. Early in the game, a failed attempt at stripping the ball from an ASU player resulted in a missed tackle and a try. Towards the middle of the first half, the inside center found a gap in the back defense and made it through untouched. UCSD was down 14-0 at halftime.

During the second half, the teams were locked in a defensive battle. Both teams would put together good phases of offense, only to be stopped, and get turnover ball. The only try of the half came off a bad pass by UCSD deep in their own half, ASU recovered and was able to score. The final was score was 19-0. "It was disappointing that we didn't score," said lock forward Pat Guiney, "There were times where we were so close."

On Sunday morning, UCSD was beaten by the University of Arizona by a large margin. The Wildcats had their pattern going for them, and scored a two quick tries, putting them up 12-0. UCSD then had a surge of offense. Will Cowell slotted an early penalty goal from ways out, putting 3 points on the board. UCSD put on more offensive pressure, getting the ball well into the U of A half, but penalties ended up killing both drives. For the rest of the game, U of A consistently ran their pattern of wide-passing back ball, with forward support, and was able to beat UCSD out wide. U of A had solid tackling and was able to disrupt UCSD phases, putting a damper on their offense. UCSD showed improvement at the second half, fixing some defensive glitches and U of A didn't score as much. But it was Arizona's day, ending with a final score of 71-3.

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