Player Spotlight - DJ Wolf from University of Delaware

University of Delaware Men's Captain DJ Wolf
University of Delaware Men's Captain DJ Wolf

DJ Wolf

UD Rugby Team Captain

In his latest in a series of player spotlights in Collegiate Rugby, UCR's Kent Currie catches up with the current skipper of University of Delaware Men's and talks about influences, and the current state of the game in America.

How long have you been playing rugby?

7 years

What influenced you to start playing rugby?

I never heard of it or saw it on TV, around the start of their season my friends in high school told me I should come out. I hesitated, but when the coach of the team called my house and left a message my dad made me try it out. I had one practice, then played a game and became addicted.

What are the best things about playing rugby?

The fact that I could move anywhere where I know no one after college, and find a club and instantly have 20 or 30 new friends and things to do with my free time.

It seems to have less politics involved then football, size doesn't make a player great. It allows me to get aggression out legally. Close friendships and I would be lying if I didn't say the drinking and song traditions were not one of the best things about rugby.

Do you think you will continue playing rugby once you have finished college?

Yes I will definitely be playing rugby after college. At what level I am not sure..

Who have been the biggest influences in your career?

My mom - she is the only person who really gets on my back about working harder and making my team work harder to get better. She even went on the internet and got the USA teams in season training plan and got me to get my team on it. When she comes to games she only stands by our try zone and told me "That's the only place I wants to see your team on the field."

Don Fahrell (PSU head coach) & Doc Jones (Kutztown head coach) my MARFU coaches, for personal reason they are the reason I push myself harder now and will be for the rest of my senior year of college.

What's your opinion on the state of American rugby?

American rugby is growing at a good rate. Every year I have been in college we get more and more guys who have heard of rugby and want to come out for the team. There are a lot more high school teams forming each year. The only problem is America is too commercialized to get Rugby on cable TV.

Would you like t represent the USA Eagles at any stage?

Who wouldn't like to? My goal is to make the college Eagles team. I also have a great passion for 7s and would love to play on that team, but I have a couple more years work before that would happen. But the cool thing is I have played against a few guys who have been on the US 7s team, so its not like they are some kind of celebrities who you never get to play unless you make it big which is another thing I like about rugby.

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