OU Offers Rugby Scolarship

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Oklahoma has become the latest university to offer scholarships to rugby players with the announcement of the formation of a scholarship fund. The fund was made possible by generous donations from alumni and friends of the program.

Scholarships will be awarded to new and current players who qualify. The amount and number of awards offered will depend upon the amount of funds available, the number of applicants and the discretion of the scholarship committee.

“This is a great day for our program,” said OU head coach Ken Forehand.

“These scholarships will help to lessen the burden that some of our student/athletes face while trying to compete and maintain high academic performance. This certainly raises the bar for us and we plan to make the most of this opportunity.”

Student/athletes will be required to maintain academic standards, contribute to the team and to provide community service in the Norman, OK, area if they wish to continue receiving funds. The program will be expanded as more funds become available.

“This is really a step forward for our team”, added sophomore Eric Meyers. “This will let us go out and get top recruits and to help some guys on the team that have trouble with their financial situations and playing rugby.”

Information regarding donating to the Oklahoma Rugby Scholarship Fund can be obtained by emailing ruggernek@yahoo.com or by calling 405-650-9263

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