Men's Rugby Drops The Ball Against Long Beach State

This article was written by Joel Roman OF UCSD.

The UC San Diego Men's Rugby team was defeated by Long Beach State by a score of 25-12.

Long Beach state came out with intensity and used tactical kicking to keep the Tritons penned inside their own 22. An errant clear kick set up a counter opportunity for the 49ers and they got a try early in the match and were up 7-0. The 49ers came back on the attack and got a penalty goal, putting them up 10-0.

UC San Diego answered back, the forwards set up an offensive drive with some good driving mauls; the ball was then slung out wide to the backs. After several loops and passing out of the tackle, it was Will Cowell who made a 35 meter break for a try; the kick was missed, putting UCSD within 5. UCSD later earned a chance for a penalty kick, but that also missed.

But it wasn't really a kicker's day, as the Long Beach kicker also missed several penalty attempts. He was able to make one near half-time, and the score at the break was Long beach state leading 13-5.

UCSD came out with a big offensive drive to start the second half, but came away with nothing. Penalties and unforced errors put a damper on the offense throughout the night. Long Beach state appeared to enjoy a weight advantage over the Tritons, and capitalized off missed tackles and line breaks to get two more tries, putting them at a 25-5 lead.

The game had a long break at the 60th minute, as an ambulance was summoned in response to a Long Beach injury. UCSD came out fired up at the break, and played a lot of offense. They were able to finally put together a nice string of plays resulting in a Chad Allen try near the posts. The flags went up for the conversion kick, and UCSD had it at 25-12.

UCSD was unable to defend adequately for the rest of the game, but the offense came up short. UCSD did not have another good chance to score, but the drive ended after a knock-on from an easy pass. The final score was 25-12. UCSD is disappointed with the loss. "I liked the intensity, and I didn't have any problems with the pattern we played," said Coach Brian Kennedy, "but we just [messed]-up too much. And at Division I you can't do that. Teams are just too good."

UCSD hopes to break their losing streak this weekend with games against Arizona State on the 15th and University of Arizona on the 17th.

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