Match Report - Army vs Norwich

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The Army Rugby team hosted Norwich University on Saturday, September 30th at the Anderson Rugby Complex for Army’s third game of the regular season. Army is annually Norwich’s biggest game of the regular season as they get extremely fired up about the chance to defeat the perennial national powerhouse. Norwich, a military school, is known for being a hard nose, disciplined team who can execute well according to their game plan. The day started out with the B side game at 1400 followed by the C side game and then finished with A side game at 1700.

A Side: 78-10
The A side wasted no time gaining the upper hand in the game against Norwich. Playing on the turf field at Anderson Rugby Complex, Army displayed their speed and excellent ability to use the field to their advantage. Being a wide field, Army is often able to outpace their opponents who are not used to the much faster pace on the turf. Army’s play on Saturday definitely highlighted their speed and pace in all aspects of the game.
The Army ruggers put 52 points on the scoreboard in the first half alone. Army finished the game with 78 points after subbing out several starters to allow younger players valuable A side playing time.
Next week, the Men’s Army Rugby team faces the University of Massachusetts home at Anderson Rugby Complex on Saturday at 1700.

A Side Starting XV:
1 Erik Waage
2 Tony Fatula
3 Chris Wallgren
4 John Breneman
5 Clint Hail
6 JP Flach (Diakabana @ 65)
7 Dan Strathman (Dwyer @ 65)
8 Nate Peper
9 David Lodwick (Wagner @ 65)
10 Andrew Locke
11 Chris Grevious
12 Chris Bahr
13 Brett Hanger
14 Robert Zargan
15 Brendan McCarthy

Name: Tries: Conversions: Penalty Kicks: Total Points:
Andrew Locke 2 10
Chris Grevious 2 10
Brett Hanger 2 10
Robert Zargan 9 18
Brendan McCarthy 5 25
David Lodwick 1 5
Total: 78
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