Joel Roman Interview

UCSD's captain Joel Roman is this weeks interview

How long have you been playing rugby?

I played 3 years in high schools and this is my 3rd year playing for UC San Diego. So that makes 6 total.

What influenced you to start playing rugby?

The more I learned about what rugby was, the more I liked it. It seems like it was a sport specifically designed for me and had the things I liked. I always loved the contact and the lateral pass in American football. Rugby has that plus I love how it’s such a team game and you get to do so much on the field.

What are the best things about playing rugby?

I still remember my first match I played. I never had so much fun playing in any other sport.

I think that’s the best thing. The game is a lot of fun and I feel really good after a game or a hard training. The camaraderie off the field and the motivation to get in shape or also good too.

Do you think you will continue playing rugby once you have finished college?

Oh yeah, at least for a little bit.

Who have been the biggest influences in your career?

The guys who brought a rugby ball to a beach party when I was 11. Dan Lyle, I read an article about him in sports illustrated right when I started getting into rugby. My father, for offering so much support and encouragement. Dorian Pieracci, Justin Kuntz, Nick Serrato, Nik Cherwink, and the other great players I’ve had the opportunity of sharing the pitch with.

Do you watch rugby on TV?

Yes, whenever I get the chance. I don’t have Setanta on my TV because if I did I would get absolutely nothing else done.

Who is your favorite team?

USA Eagles

Who is your favorite player?

Jonny Wilkinson and Sebastian Chabal

What’s your opinion on the state of American rugby?

There are a lot of opportunities to play and that’s good, but rugby is too much of an underground/fringe sport. It would be nice if the country started taking it seriously and if we got some legitimate exposure.

Would you like to represent the USA Eagles at any stage?

I doubt if I’d be good enough, but that would be an awesome opportunity.

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