Harvard Rugby Pre-season 2006

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Pre season commenced back from the 3 month summer break on Wednesday 6th April. All the boys were reunited and very much happy to be back with each other. The physical condition of individual players was fair across the board, in saying this it was clear that some of the boys did overindulge in the summer break. With this in mind the boys were put to testing on the first day of camp for the coaches to gauge where exactly their fitness levels were, this was done by conducting the 20 metre beep test. The fitness scores of Ian Malott and Townie Tom was the most impressive getting to 14.3 and 13.9 ( check scores) respectively. Other notable achievements were the group of boys who went down under to Australia to play in the Sydney club rugby competition for the summer break.

The camp was a busy rigorous schedule with most days consisting of a 6 hours of training varying from physical conditioning, skills, drills and various ball games. The sweat could frequently be seen as the coaches put the boys to work.

As the intensity increased the team was starting to mould together and a real sense of team unity was displayed. Captains Josh Copp and Blazjei Kesy conveyed to other team mates in closed huddles what they wanted to achieve for the season, and also set some basic rules and standards that are to be upheld for the entirety of the season.

The Team was invited to the coaching staff house in Marble Head on Sunday afternoon for a BBQ and a team bonding session. Australian roast Lamb was served and the boys did not shy away from seconds, thirds and even fourths! Having the team in the one spot was a good opportunity for captains to display the new playing kits this year. The players were extremely impressed. Bob Karetsky also showed the Harvard rugby promotional highlight video that was later on display at the recruiting fair the next day in which over a 100 names were taken from the freshman class.

With a strong contingent of returning players the teams are looking to be competitive for this seasons New England competition, to add to this the coaching structure of the top two teams has been altered so that New Zealand coach Kent Currie is the Head coach of the A side whilst also responsible for the backs of both sides and Australian coach Scott Lumby is in charge of the B side whilst also in charge of the forwards of both sides. The Head of the Harvard rugby program Bob Karetsky seems to have faith in the foreign coaches ability, “ I think with the likes of Kent and Scotty we should have the ability to be a more competitive side this year. Their presence seems to lift the intensity of the training and the boys respond really well to their knowledge and experience of the game. I have actually taken a step back from the on field coaching and am overseeing everything that these guys are doing with our boys as well as focusing on the program as a whole”. Say’s Karetsky.

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