College players feature in Eagles training squad

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This week, USA Rugby released a list of 50 players drafted into thier preliminary World Cup training squad which included existing Eagles incumbants, NA4 series debutantes, one former Super 12 veteran, and a small gang of our very own College stars.

The influx of collegiate athletes was was one of the best in a long time and very promising for the grade as far as UCR is concerned. Names from our own ranks include:

Andy Locke (Army)
Ronnie Rosser (Cal Poly)
Blake Burdette (Utah)
Jake Stanfill (Cal)
Louis Stanfill (Cal)
Rikus Pretorius (Cal)
Jeff Hullinger (BYU)

Jake Stanfill, Burdette, Hullinger and Rosser are class of '06 and will feature in Super League this year.

Locke, Pretorius and Louis Stanfill have another season in their respective collegiate competitions, so keep an eye out for them.

On another note, an interesting inclusion in the preliminary squad is ex-NSW Warratah, Mark Crick who relocated to the US from Australia several years back and has been with Potomac AC since.

The full press release from USA Rugby on this latest training squad and the next phase can be found here.

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