Cal Pummels BYU in Championship

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Palo Alto, CA--The Bears of Cal Berkeley steam rolled over the Cougars convincingly 59-7 to win their 24th national championship and their fifth straight.

The Cougars had little to answer against the Bears and had trouble gaining any ground with ball in hand given the stifling Cal defense.

Having won the previous day confidently against Colorado 42-13 the Cougars were left with little to bare against a far superior Cal side.

BYU had trouble holding on to possession during the open moments giving away set piece and phase play ball to which the Bears turned time and again into points.

The scoring started fast in the fifth minute as Cal strung multiple phases together close to the BYU lineout and bulled over for the opening try.

And it was more of the same up until half time as knock ons, blocked kicks by the Cougars were easily turned into Cal points.

"Cal dominated every phase of the game today," said BYU head coach David Smyth, "We never set the platform, failed to get any go forward ball and were totally overpowered at the breakdown. Usually when those things happen you're in for a long day. If it had have been a prize fight the ref would have called it. Overall I was very disappointed in our performance I feel the boys let themselves down."

Smyth's frustrations focused on his team's inability to manage the break down as the Cougars possession was slow all game long, while also not even managing to find touch at the appropriate times with their kicks from hand.

In the second half the Cougars tried to stop the bleeding and did to some degree, but the Cal machine kept on rolling with 19 more second half points.

The Cougars' lone try came in the 68th minute as a Cal scrum close to their goal line went to mess and St. Pierre picked up the loose ball for a score. Sam Thorley bounced the conversion in off of the post to give BYU the lone 7 points.

The loss marks the third straight in the national championship to Cal for BYU. The Cougars now move on to what hopes to be a good off-season as many BYU players will be involved in regional all-stars and All-American teams.


5”: Cal 5/2
9”: Cal 5/2
25”: Cal 5/2
29”: Cal 5/2
35”: Cal 5/2
39”: Cal 5

Haltime Score: Cal 40 BYU 0

41”: Cal 5
59”: Cal 5/2
68”: St. Pierre 5/Thorley 2
72": Cal 5/2

Final Score: BYU 59 CU 7

Team vs. Colorado: 1- Mike Sua (Blake Isaacson @ 60"), 2- Duran Ngakuru, 3- Derek Smith, 4- Mike Ratelle (Mark Anderson @ 40"), 5- Brett Clark, 6- Kai Lawrence (Grant Barnes @ 40”), 7- Jacob Sohn, 8- Steve St. Pierre ©, 9-Shaun Davies, 10- Dylan Lubbe (Dan Paul @ 60”), 11- Tim Steflik (Manti Steflik @ 40"), 12- Viliami Vimahi, 13- Apenisa Malani, 14- Vito Qaqa (Travis Rodermund @ 40"), 15- Sam Thorley

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