UQRA runs October Camps at ASU

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UQ Rugby Academy specialises in the design and delivery of education development programs to meet the eeds of players and coaches. We deliver a pre-eminent package combining sports science, athlete analysis and supreme rugby tuition. Applying best practice recommendations from Australian Rugby Union High performance Skill Development Models, the Academy is cutting edge.

The UQ Rugby Academy holds elite camps for players and coaches wishing to develop their rugby skills throughout the year.

Through these clinics the Academy has delivered its coaching expertise to professionals both in Australia and the USA.

This summer the University of Queensland has launched its Level 2 Coach and Player Development Camps targeted at the more advanced players and coaches.






Upcoming Elite Camps at ASU:

12 - 14 October 2007

Arizona State University (ASU) Level 2 Advanced Coach and Player Rugby Camp

27 - 28 Ocbober 2007 Arizona State University (ASU) Level 1 Rookies Rugby Camp

Visit UQRA's Website for more details on their Elite Rugby Development Programs

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