Live a week in the life of a professional rugby coach

The UQ Rugby Academy (UQRA) is launching a series of intensive coaching courses in July to help you reach the pinnacle of your coaching career.

Designed for ambitious coaches regardless of experience or expertise, the UQRA seven and ten day programs will provide a great framework to develop your skills and help take your team to the next level.

You will have the unique opportunity to live a week in the shoes of a professional coach as you work hands-on with the University Premier Grade team in preparation for either one or two games.

“We'll take things to an elite level that guys just don't get when they sit down to a normal coaching course,” UQRA head coach Zane Hilton said.

“We're looking more at the practicality of how to do it by getting guys involved and looking at how to review sessions and delve into living as a professional coach for the week,” he said.

The courses combine seminars with on-field sessions where participants will be actively involved in coaching elite athletes to provide one-on-one feedback on how they perform.

Hosted by position-specific UQRA and Queensland Reds Academy coaches, you will also receive tuition in areas of coaching you wish to improve.

“We're really keen to focus on areas where coaches are looking to develop or get more knowledge in,” Hilton said.

“I think it's really important for us to be specific for what they really want.”

The courses cover a broad range of topics including decision making, mental toughness, video analysis, nutrition, strength and conditioning and effective backline and forwards play.

The advantage of the ten day program over the seven day program is that it gives you the build-up of two games as well as post-match analysis and a more in-depth look into the game of rugby.

All recipients receive two course polos, an official course workbook and DVD, lunch each day, and opening and closing dinners. Live-in participants will be staying at Kings College at the University of Queensland.

For registration details please contact David Muir by email on david.muir at uqsport dot uq dot edu dot au or at +61 402 967 966

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